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Teeth Whitening

Your smile is what decorates your face… brighten it up with our in-house and at-home whitening options.


Teeth Whitening

We can brighten your smile with a safe and effective process that is bespoke to you using the famous Phillips Zoom Whitening technology.

We can do it whilst you are in the chair or we can give you specially made trays to take home and give you all the instructions about managing the whitening in your own time and home.

In-House or At Home Whitening?

In-house whitening:

We use three established whitening products for our bespoke whitening packages, these include, Phillips Zoom, BlancOne and Boutique Whitening. We may be able to improve the brightness of your smile almost immediately with our in-surgery whitening.

On top of the in-surgery whitening, we will make you some custom whitening trays included in the package so that you can maintain the shade you want with regular top ups at your own convenience.

At-home whitening:

This can produce a similar result to the in-house whitening but is a slower process. It requires you to wear your custom-made whitening trays every day for 45 minutes for up to two weeks. The trays can be worn while you drive, at work or while you nap in front of the TV.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Due to the introduction of European directives and heavy regulations by the general dental council teeth whitening is now delivered safely under the supervision of your dentist. The concentration of the hydrogen peroxide gels used now is regulated to a safe dose. As a result, the complications and side effects have become much less common.

The most common side effect of teeth whitening is sensitivity to your tooth and gums. However, this is usually temporary and subsides soon after the whitening is stopped.

It is important that your mouth is disease free and generally healthy before you start whitening treatment. Contact us to find out more

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