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Do you suffer from bleeding gums? Come see us to have them checked out. Bleeding gums or gingivitis is caused by bacteria that is living near the gums.

Highly experienced Dental Hygienists + Experts in Oral Health
Denise Dennan & Sally- Ann Buckle

Any smile’s bedrock is the gums that hold and support the teeth.

Gums may seem simple but belie a complex mechanism which supports teeth in a similar way to the suspension system of a car!

Strong gums will support a fantastic smile better!

Gum disease is one of the most common preventable diseases in the world!!

Worldwide almost 14% of adults have severe gum disease.

We are so happy to offer you our new Guided Biofilm Therapy! An 8-step process using the latest updated technology with our exceptionally trained Oral Health Experts that will positively impact your Oral and GENERAL health as part of our Advanced Detox Hygiene Therapy. This is one of the many ways we can develop a bespoke plan just for you as we strive for your Oral health optimisation.

Please note- the frequency of follow-up appointments will be discussed with each individual to create a bespoke plan that will help to optimise oral health.

We have three main options for you to choose from:

  1. Standard Maintenance Clean
    • For those with stable gum health who benefit from a regular maintenance programme.
  2. Advanced Detox Hygiene Therapy
    • For those who may have active gum problems, such as bleeding and or painful gums, or significant staining of their teeth.
  3. Extensive Detox Hygiene Therapy

    • For those who may have active gum problems but have not seen an Oral Health Expert (Hygienist) or those who wish to access treatment without a consultation with a dentist.
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The staff were fantastic with me. I feel wonderful. I have not smiled so much, so thank you to you all.

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