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Specialist Treatments

Saving teeth (endodontics)

Sometimes teeth get deep infections. To try and save the tooth, a complex procedure called a root filling can be done.

Sometimes teeth get deep infections.

Nervous patients

Sometimes teeth get deep infections. To try and save the tooth, a complex procedure called a root filling can be done.

Saving the tooth can prolong the life of the tooth by many years. This is done by removing the infection from the tooth and placing a special filling material through the centre of the tooth and into the roots.

These teeth will often need a crown on top to protect the tooth in the future

How much does sedation cost?

Intravenous Sedation


What is IV Sedation?

Understanding sedation?

Conscious sedation is similar to being asleep. It is a form of deep relaxation. In experienced and professional hands it is universally accepted as being safer than having a general anaesthetic. Your dentist may recommend, or you may request, intravenous or ‘IV’ sedation. Sedation is through a drug which we give by injection, usually at the back of your hand. The amount of medicine injected is carefully titrated to ensure the best level of relaxation for you. This will usually occur within minutes of administration.

How will IV sedation affect me?

You will become drowsy and relaxed, but not asleep. It is also likely that you will not remember having the treatment. You are, however, still able to talk and co-operate with your Dentist. We will not let you go until you are able to, however it is important that there is someone with you afterwards as the drowsiness and relaxation can be prolonged.

How much does sedation cost?

The fee for IV sedation is £385, which is in addition to your required treatment costs. You will always get a printed estimate before starting any treatment. Sedation can be used with any type of treatment. Often we try and get as much treatment done as possible in one session, so we need less appointments for sedation.

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